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Precision Raceworks

BMW N54 Direct Injector Tool

BMW N54 Direct Injector Tool

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The Precision Raceworks INJECTOR REMOVAL / INSTALLATION TOOL is the highest rated tool on the market not only for removal and installation of injectors but also for the installation and compression of the high pressure seals!

For injector removal simply thread the tool onto the input of the fuel injector and use the slide hammer to tap the injector out.

When installing new seals, simply use needle nose pliers to pinch the old seal and remove it.  Once removed the new seal can be installed using the included expansion tool found stored inside the shaft of the tool.  The rest is as easy as 1 2 3, insert the injector into die #1 and count to 10, then insert the injector into die #2 and count to 20, finally insert the injector into die #3 and count to 30.  

Injectors should be installed within 30 seconds of removal from the 3rd compression die or must be compressed again.  

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Weight: 1.65 lbs

Case Type: Injection molded w/ foam inserts

Additional Seal Storage: Yes plastic storage container included

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