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Black Market Parts Universal Fuel Pump Wiring Kit

Black Market Parts Universal Fuel Pump Wiring Kit

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The Black Market Parts UNIVERSAL FUEL PUMP WIRING KIT is the one stop shop solution for anyone looking to add an additional fuel pump in their fuel tank.

This compact kit provides 6inches of 100% E85 compliant 12 gauge wiring so you don't have to buy complete spools of wire just to get the little wire you need to extend the pump harness. 

The kit also includes all hardware for bulk head style pass through for power used by pump manufactures around the world.  Full stainless bulk head power posts make it easy to add pass through power to any fuel pump

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Weight: .09 lbs

Fuel Compatibility: Compatible with all fuel types including E85

Wire Gauge: 12ga

Wire type: Oxygen Free Copper

Length: 6inches

Joining Connectors:  Two E85 compliant crimp connectors included

Ring Terminals:  Two E85 compliant ring terminals included

Pass through Hardware:  100% stainless pass through power hardware

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