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Black Market Parts (BMP) Fuel Pump Y-Line (7.89mm Connections)

Black Market Parts (BMP) Fuel Pump Y-Line (7.89mm Connections)

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The Black Market Parts FUEL Y-LINE WITH QUICK CONNECTS is the most common method of joining two fuel pumps together in the fuel tank for dual fuel pump applications.

This OEM style Y-Line setup features dual high flow 7.89mm Female quick connects that join and into a single 7.89mm high flow Male quick connect.  

This line is compatible with any dual fuel pump configuration with 7.89mm male quick connect fitting.

Building your own custom pump setup see our proprietary Walbro 7.89mm quick connect Fitting!

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Actual product weight: .05 lbs

Male Quick Connect: 7.89mm

Female Quick Connect: 7.89mm

Vehicle Fitment
This product is a universal product which can be used in most automotive applications.
Please note additional parts may be required for some applications.

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