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Black Market Parts (BMP) Fuel Pump Fitting (For Walbro Pumps)

Black Market Parts (BMP) Fuel Pump Fitting (For Walbro Pumps)

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The Black Market Parts 7.89mm QUICK CONNECT FITTING FOR WALBRO PUMPS provides a solid leak free method to connect a barbed Walbro fuel pump to OEM 7.89mm  female quick connect fittings. It features easy to install fitting and locking ring to ensure positive seal against the viton o-ring inside the fitting. The fitting itself is made from 6061 aluminum which is cnc machined and anodized black to ensure 100% E85 compatibility.

This is the only fitting available on the market which requires no modification to the fuel pump and is 100% reusable.  We are also the only company which makes our fitting available to the public for separate purchase allowing people to DIY their own fuel pump kits.

Plan on having more than 1 fuel pump our fittings are compatible with our Y line sold here allowing you to connect dual pumps to support high horsepower applications.

Looking for other DIY pump components, check out our E9X/E8X Bucketless Pump Bracket, Plug and play pump activation harness, and more!

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Weight: .02 lbs

Fuel Compatibility: Compatible with all fuel types

O-ring material: Viton

Reusable: Yes

Finish: Anodized to prevent corrosion

Vehicle Fitment
This product is a universal product which can be used in most automotive applications. Please note additional parts may be required for some applications.
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