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Precision Raceworks

AN6 Return port for In-Tank Regulator-Filter V2

AN6 Return port for In-Tank Regulator-Filter V2

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Convert your return-less Precision Raceworks V2 Ex9 / E8x In-Tank Regulator / Filter assembly to a return system.  Simply swap out the regulator that came with our in tank filter regulator for this fitting and pair with any regulator system with a return and connect to AN6 ORB port on this fitting. 

Don't have a performance regulator or not sure what to buy we offer both Adjustable 1-to-1 regulator kit which mounts at the front of the car and we offer the worlds smallest high flow inline static regulator kit which is compatible with most all port injection fuel rails.

This product used with a engine bay located regulator and our high flow in tank filter/regulator assembly really allows the our tank filter regulator to really shine providing the highest flow and most stable fuel pressures the E9x/E8x community has ever seen.


Optional Regulator Kits

4 BAR, 5 BAR, 6 BAR Static Micro Regulators: The simplest way to move your fuel pressure regulation to the engine bay with no fuss!  Simply choose your pressure,  install and go!  Nothing to adjust and no vacuum line.  (Also available separately)

*5 BAR is typically recommended for most BMW applications


Adjustable with 1-to-1 Boost Reference Regulator:  The ultimate solution for all builds, and supports any pressure level you may need at any time!  This also supports connecting a vacuum line to your manifold or charge pipe to utilize 1-to-1 boost reference to increase your fuel pressure as your boost pressure increases.  



Weight: .087 lbs

Return Input: Female AN6 ORB

Optional Fittings:  AN6 Male Flare, 7.89 Female QC, 9.49 Female QC, 

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